Michael Strahan On Sunday night, two former NFL greats will return to primetime on ABC. Peyton Manning

a former Quarterback, is the host of "The Final Straw", a new game show that mixes comedy and entertainment

Michael Strahan will return for another season on "The 100 Thousand Dollar Pyramid." Strahan follows in the

footsteps Dick Clark, who hosted it back in 1970. "I believe that this game survived because I'm a conduit

for excitement of wordplay. Strahan stated that he is a conduit to the excitement when a celebrity teams

up with a contestant to figure out how to mind-meld and win some life-changing cash. Strahan claims he

doesn’t know the words and knows only the categories as everyone else at home. He said, "I don’t know the

words so as they’re playing, they’re playing, and I’m playing along with them so my facial expressions

and my excitement when it’s achieved or not is genuine and real." Although the format has been around for

decades, 'The Final Straw' is the latest game show to join ABC's summer lineup. Contestants must remove items