MLB Phil Nevin, Los Angeles Angels interim manager was suspended for 10 games while Jesse Winker, Seattle

Mariners outfielder, received a seven-game suspension from Major League Baseball. This was due to their

involvement in a bench-clearing brawl that occurred during Sunday's second inning. According to an MLB release

Monday night, Winker and Nevin were the two coaches or players suspended between the teams. J.P. Crawford

Mariners shortstop, received five games. Angels pitchers Ryan Tepera, Andrew Wantz, and Mariners outfielder

Julio Rodriguez were each suspended for three games. Manny Del Campo, major league interpreter Manny Del Campo, 

and Angels reliever RaiselIglesias received two games. Anthony Rendon, Angels third baseman, is currently out for the

remainder of the season following wrist surgery. He will be back from the injured list in five games. He is not allowed

to sit on the bench during the seven remaining games. Nevin was suspended for intentionally hitting Winker with

Angels opener Wantz, despite warnings for both sides. Nevin decided to  pitch Wantz, instead of Jose Suarez, the scheduled starter.