Mo Farah Long distance runner legendary Mo Farah has told the BBC that he was taken in the UK as a child , and made

to work as domestic worker. The revelation is made in a documentary produced by the British broadcaster

which is set for airing on Wednesday. In the documentary, Farah also says his real name is Hussein Abdi Kahin and that

the place he was born was Somaliland. "Despite what I said in the past, my parents never lived in the UK,

Farah said to the BBC. He claims that his families were "torn apart" after his father was killed during the civil war at

only four. Somaliland declared its independence in 1991 after breaking away from war-ravaged Somalia however,

it has not been recognised as an independent nation. "I was separated from my mother and I was brought into the UK

illegally under the name of another child called Mohamed Farah," the actor said in a video of an interview. He

was a four-time Olympic medalist in gold was between the ages of eight and nine when he was taken into his home

in the UK through a female who he'd never seen before, he added. After arriving and was compelled to "do housework and childcare.