Nazem Kadri NHL free-agents are here and big names may be moving. When it is free agency, there's always the possibility

of paying too much for a player, but not getting value of the contract. If an organization is successful, it can be

able to move toward Stanley Cup contention. Because of the fixed salary cap for the past few years, there's a plethora

of top players who are available through free agency. The likes of Johnny Gaudreau, Evgeni Malkin and Nazem

Kadri are all in this category. If a team has capacity space and willingness to cash out some checks, it can enhance

the prospects of their team when the chaos begins around 12 p.m. ET in the afternoon on Wednesday. If a team

can't be able to accommodate one of the big names within the salary limit, there are plenty of appealing alternatives

to role players. Phil Kessel and P.K. Subban might not be as efficient as they used to be however, they'll be cost-

effective free agents for any team looking to increase its roster. The NHL free agency just a few hours away, here's an

in-depth look at some of the most sought-after players. Since there was a deal in place when the Nashville Predators