Ncuti Gatwa Abnormally, the declaration that 29-year-old Scottish entertainer Nakuti Gatwa is to be the new

have put non- Doctor Who fans down more - or even more so - than ardent followers. Sunday was named as the 14th

the beloved S*x Education star (co-star Gillian Anderson described her as a "natural on camera"), drawing

both sides of the Atlantic. "I don't even care about Doctor Who, but I would look 100 percent anything with

wrote Casimira Contio, founder of London PR Agency. Meanwhile, American author Meacham Whitson Meriweather

"I'm Googling 'who is Doctor' after hearing that Nakuti Gatwa will play him."  But until recently, he was an

Born in Nyarugenge, Rwanda and raised in Scotland, where his family moved when his family was two years

the 1994 genocide, he has said that he was "an easy target" at a secondary school in Edinburgh, where some

black families But he "always relied on my charisma."  The family lived in the university residence while