New York Yankees With a lead of three runs against a team in last place and the best reliever in the game arriving

to finish the game off and win the game, the Yankees were looking pretty good in the ninth inning of Tuesday night. The

chaos that followed which led to a 4-3 loss to the weak Reds which was more than a bit unlikely. The game played on

Tuesday in Yankee Stadium was the first occasion in modern times that teams with sub-.400 winning percentage

has come back from a run or more in the ninth inning , to beat a team with an .700-plus win percentage (minimum fifty

games in the regular season) according to Stats By Stats. It was also the first loss for New York since 2022 after leading

in the eighth in the eighth. The score was 48-0 at the time of the game on Tuesday night in those circumstances.

It wasn't long before Cincinnati to start mounting their ninth-inning comeback , and it was evident that from the first

throw Clay Holmes threw that he did not have the best pitch. After his first pitch almost struck Tommy Pham, Holmes

walked the outfielder and put the leadoff runner in. When Joey Votto singled, Tyler Stephenson was struck by a ball