Nintendo has presented a brand new Switch OLED with a glittering coat of paint! The Splatoon-themed new

Switch OLED has gorgeous Joy-Cons, with gradient colors and paint splatters all over the. The dock itself is also sporting

beautiful smudges of sunny yellow paint that's adorned with all the standard Splatoon-style artwork. It's the first

version that the Switch OLED we've seen after the launch in October last year and we're in love. What do you think of the

fact that those Joy-Con are actually two-toned mixing green and yellow on one side, and violet and blue on another.

Both with slightly translucent white back sides? It's not like we need a new Switch is it? However, don't fret if you aren't

looking for a brand fresh OLED or Switch however, as Nintendo also has a brand new Pro Controller and a carrying

case for you to Splatoon while on the move! This is a look at the console and the gorgeous new Joy-Con as well as

The Pro Controller. The controller will go well with the green and pink controllers that is available for Splatoon

2, wouldn't it? The Pro Controller costs $74.99 with the box will cost a very reasonable cost of $24.99. The Switch