Nio Electric Car This week, a Shanghai parking lot's third story was where an electric Nio car plummeted to the

ground, killing two people. The accident claimed the lives of one member of Nio's staff and one worker from a joint

venture, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer said in a statement on Thursday. Both were in the test car

when it crashed on Wednesday at the Shanghai Innovation Park, according to a Weibo post by Nio (NIO). Inside the

industrial park is where the company is headquartered. It also said that after analysing the situation on the scene

we can tentatively say that it was an accident (not due to vehicle-related reasons). Nio added that it is supporting

the police inquiry on the accident's cause. CNN Business contacted the company for more information, but

they haven't answered. More than 1,700 debate posts and at least 78 million views on Weibo were generated by Nio's

remark after the crash. Videos of rescue personnel in orange costumes attempting to save occupants of the

obviously severely damaged car are circulating online. Nio, one of numerous domestic rivals to Elon Musk's Tesla