Oprah Winfrey's father Vernon Winfrey, has passed away at the age of 89. Oprah announced in her Instagram

blog post, that her father passed away within Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday. "Yesterday with his family

by his bedside, I had the privilege of watching the man who was responsible for my own life take his final

breaths," the media mogul wrote. "We felt peace entering the room after his death." The funeral arrangements

were not released immediately. In the past week Oprah stunned her dad with an extravagant barbeque party

at the city of Nashville on the 4th of July. The celebration was dubbed "Vernon Winfrey Appreciation Day,

that included barber chairs to commemorate his long-running career as a barber, and also the owner

of his own barbershop in Nashville for more than 50 years. Vernon was a part on Nashville's Metro City Council

for 16 years and was also a trustee of Tennessee State University. Tennessee State University. Oprah spent her

childhood in the hometown of her father's father, Kosciusko, Mississippi, and in Milwaukee with her mother