The fine folks at Philadelphia's various upscale shoe shops can all rest easy knowing that association's reigning

"Sneaker King" could soon be holding court in the City of Brotherly Love and paying much of their rent in the

process. Joel Embiid went out of his way to compliment the forward's play after the Miami Heat series. Tucker was

a stalwart of some of the best Houston Rockets teams of the Daryl Morey era. Although Tucker is already one of the 

oldest players in the NBA at 37 and will continue to age over the duration of his next contract, if Tucker is looking for a three-

year $30 million contract, as Keith Pompey claims, then that is the price of admission. The Sixers must give

Morey access to the full, non-tax payer mid-level exception, which is not currently available to the team because

they are $4.439 million over the cap. This is the issue that prevents the Sixers from paying out a contract worth $10

million per year. This harsh reality has given rise to a wide range of ideas for how to free up $4.4 million, from the

incredibly inventive to the stomach-turning, like trading Tobias Harris and pick 23 to the Charlotte Hornets