Philadelphia Phillies Baseball is a game that operates on the concept of equivalent exchange. Every major

upgrade comes with an expense. Do you want to have an elite draft pick? It's likely that they'll have to give up a season

of baseball to get it. Are they planning to sign the largest free agent in the market? Prepare to pay an impressive

sum of cash, and also one of their best draft selections. This is the brutal nature of the game that you must surrender

to win. With the deadline for trades approaching in the near future, it is likely that the Philadelphia Phillies are likely

looking to trade some of their prospects to fund the needed upgrades for their current playoff run. They've got a number

of holes to fill. They're trying to purchase at least one starter pitcher, and one bullpen arm in the late innings and

possibly enhancements in the infield as well as the outfield, due to long-term injuries. The team may also consider the

possibility of a trade to secure an upgrade to center field, due to the lack of performance of their internal alternatives.

With so many demands to address, the question is which Phillies prospects will likely be being considered for a trade