The Phoenix Suns hosted the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday in Game 7 of their Western Conference NBA Playoffs semifinals collection.

our updates from the game. The Phoenix Suns out of place to the Dallas Mavericks 123-90 on Sunday night time time

in Game 7 of their NBA Playoffs collection, completing the Suns' season withinside the Western Conference semifinals.

Luka Doncic led the Mavericks with 35 elements withinside the game, going 12-for-19 from the field. Spencer Dinwiddie brought 30

elements and Jalen Brunson had 24. Cameron Johnson had 12 elements to influence Phoenix. Chris Paul handiest had 10

and Devin Booker handiest had 11. Deandre Ayton handiest had five elements. The Suns shot 33-for-87 from the

field withinside the game. The Mavericks were 46-for-81. They moreover hit 19-of-39 three-component attempts.

Dallas will next face the Golden State Warriors withinside the Western  Conference finals, on the equal time because the Suns will

begin their offseason with some of questions after faltering overdue withinside the gathering in the direction of the

Mavericks after maintaining a 2-2 and three-2 lead withinside the gathering. The Suns trailed the Mavericks thru manner