Tom Brady An offensive lineman's relationship with his quarterback is essentially unshakable. During games

the two virtually always cooperate with one another. The quarterback benefits when the linemen look well, and vice

versa. Therefore, you can be sure that Tom Brady will be overjoyed when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pair him up

with one of his former lineman. One of the offensive lineman for Tom Brady from the Patriots, Shaq Mason, was moved to

the Buccaneers during the offseason. The former Patriots offensive lineman shared his joy at getting to play

alongside his former QB to reporters. Brady will be delighted to collaborate with Mason in Tampa Bay, as will he personally.

Mason only gave up 13 sacks and committed 16 fouls throughout his seven seasons in New England. Since Brady's

arrival, the Buccaneers have made it their top priority to protect the best pocket passing in league history, and with

this move, they are continuing that trend. After losing to the LA Rams in the playoffs the previous season, the

Buccaneers are hoping to make a huge impression during the 2022 NFL season. They benefit from Tom Brady's