R. Kelly R&B legend R. Kelly was sentenced Wednesday for 30 years. Federal Judge Ann Donnelly sentenced him in New 

York. She spoke for a long time before issuing the sentence. She quoted from her a victim impact statement by 

Stephanie, a woman who was known as Kelly. Stephanie stated that Kelly could not be happy  if she paid too much. The judge stated that this case 

was not about se@. It is about violence and cruelty, as well as control. Donnelly acknowledged defense points, including 

Kelly's difficult childhood and sexual abuse by his sister, as well as his  landlord. She said, however, that Kelly was a person with great

advantages, including worldwide fame, celebrity, and untold wealth. Kelly declined to address court. Kelly's lawyer 

mentioned two pending cases. One was a second federal case in Illinois that is scheduled to start Aug. 15 and another in Minnesota.

These charges include child pornography, obstruction of justice. Kelly was convicted last year of sexual exploitation and

racketeering as well as sex trafficking. The jury found that Kelly was  part of a criminal plot to coerce and recruit girls, boys, and 

women into se*. Multiple victims discovered a pattern during the trial. They would often see Kelly at shows or in public and an