Rob Gronkowski After a sombre season in which he spoke aloud about the  hits he had endured and how they had affected his

attitude, Rob Gronkowski first retired three years, a franchise swap,  and a Super Bowl victory earlier. The party's 

life-of-the-party was leaving dejectedly and taking the joy with him. Gronkowski went away for the second time on Tuesday

seemingly less worn out and more satisfied. Fortunately, a year off and a successful sales job by Tom Brady 

persuaded Gronkowski to give it another shot, this time in Tampa. So much so that shortly after making his declaration, 

Gronkowski's agent Drew Rosenhaus, said he wouldn't be surprised if Brady called Gronkowski and asked him to come back by 

midseason. It seems sense that no one wants to bid a final farewell to arguably the best tight end in history. He only participated in

12 games in the previous season because to injuries, but he still had 55  receptions for 802 yards and six 

touchdowns, which was his fifth-best season total. He participated in every game in 2020 and had a strong Super Bowl performance 

with six receptions and two touchdowns in the win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady and the Buccaneers might want a throwback