Rob Gronkowski's eleven-year NFL career ended just one month ago, after the tight-end announced that he was retiring.

One of the stories which emerged from the announcement was the notable absence in the case of that team, the

New England Patriots. The 274-word retirement message it did not make any word about the squad Gronkowski was

part of for the first nine seasons of his career and was a part of winning 3 Super Bowls. But, it did include positive

remarks about his experience at Tampa as a member of the Buccaneers. This wasn't the first time one of the most

famous Patriot was a snarky critic of the team an exit post. Tom Brady was similarly snubbed during the offseason,

before eventually returning to the team. When speaking to NESN on the eve of an event held in Boston to promote the

launch of his Ice Shaker product the tight end spoke about the retirement posts and believed there was confusion. I

believe it's been exaggerated," he said. "I am referring to the fact that I kind of did it during it was when I was first retiring.

Gronkowski refers to his retirement post that was posted in March of 2019 following the Patriots' victory during Super Bowl LIII.