The Buccaneers will be in an odd position as a result of Rob  Gronkowski's decision to retire. Gronk is still one of the finest tight 

ends in the league, but his ailments and high price tag last season  added to the team's burden. Now that the Bucs won't have to 

pay to bring Gronk back, they should have enough cap space to make another  signing or two. If the Buccaneers really want to make the 

most of Tom Brady's final season and move on from Gronk, they should look for another Hall of Fame pass-catcher to fill the 

vacuum. The Buccaneers appear to be on the verge of making a comeback. Jones, the Buccaneers, and Brady have an 

unusual connection. The GOAT clearly wants as many weapons as possible, and he has already expressed interest in Jones, but the

funds weren't there at the time. Tampa Bay had already spent a lot of  money on wide receivers, so adding Gronk to the mix 

would put the offence over the over financially. Rather than signing Gronk to a big contract, Tampa will likely go after a cheaper tight

end to pair with Cameron Brate at the top, which should leave enough  money in the budget to appease the sceptics about Jones' signing.

Jones possesses the size, talent, and athleticism to be one of the NFL's  greatest third or fourth wide receivers.