Rory McIlroy There's an all-time record $2.5 million to be awarded to the winner of the 2022 Open Championship

but Rory McIlroy is already netting some money just before the tournament in St. Andrews. In the final round of

his practice round, McIlroy was urged to hit an iron off the road in front of the green at the famous and appropriately

named Road Hole. Even though he expressed concern about the damage his putter might cause, McIlroy obliged

and put one on the putting area, much amusement of spectators. After declaring he'd be satisfied with his

efforts to around 15 feet, the TV commentator George Harper Jr. jumped into the fray by putting a bet of 10

pounds McIlroy could not hit the putt. However, Rory was hardly taking time, took the plunge and put it in to make

an all-world swing up and down, winning the bet. It is likely that George had cash in his side. Fast pay makes

fast friends. Bets aside according to BetMGM McIlroy who is a 9-to-1 bet winner this week has been the top

player on both the tickets (7.7 percentage) as well as handling (13.1 percentage). The highlight of the practice round