Sandra Bullock is unsure how long she will take a vacation from acting. The 57-year-old actress said she's "so burned

out and fatigued" that she needs to take a break from filming, but she's not sure when she'll be back. According

to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: I don't want to be tied to anyone else's schedule but my own. I'm completely

exhausted. I'm exhausted, and I'm aware that I'm incapable of making healthy, sound decisions. I truly don't

know," she said when asked how long the sabbatical will remain. Sandra stated that work has become a "crutch" for

her and that she has to take a step back. Work has always been stable for me, and I've been really lucky," she remarked.

I realised that was maybe becoming a crutch for me. It was like constantly opening the fridge in search of something

that was never there. 'Stop looking for it here because it doesn't exist here,' I told myself. You already have it

establish it, find it, and accept the fact that you will not be validated by employment. Sandra also thinks that

working on 'The Lost City' with Liza Chasin was a terrific opportunity to "end out on a high note. I enjoy working with