Sean Strickland Ahead of their UFC 276 middleweight clash, Sean Strickland suggested he may give up his strike-prone

tendencies in the face of Alex Pereira, a very skilled kickboxer. Strickland didn't adhere to the suggested

strategy and was a major loser in the first round, suffering a knockout. Strickland continued to play in his

typical manner of standing tall and stiff , and trying to move forward. It was not the best strategy against a striker

with the skill of Pereira. The Brazilian was patiently waiting for his turn while performing kicks to the body and

the lead foot of Strickland. Strickland did not change his position, continuing to move forward in the whirlwind of a

striker. When the strikes to Strickland's leg appeared to be taking an toll, Pereira engaged his hands and struck

a huge left hook that threw Strickland onto the ground. When Strickland attempted to get to the ground, he bit off

another right hand before falling onto the canvas another occasion, but  this time requiring the judge to step in and 

stop the incident. Pereira is currently being considered for the title shot. He has two victories over UFC middleweight King