Seattle Mariners Two prospects were traded by the Seattle Mariners to the Kansas City Royals for Carlos Santana.

The move was met with less "wow" than "wow" reactions. Santana is currently 36 years old and a declining asset.

He has a.224/.356/.337 lines and a this year a.693 OPS. It's not hard to believe that he still has the ability to get on

base at an extremely high rate. He is also the M's lucky charm, for those who believe. Since Santana arrived in Seattle

Seattle has only lost one game. Walktana Counter wrote that the Seattle Mariners were 8-1 with Carlos Santana

on Friday. This was a tweet account that tracks Santana's progress (Walktana refers to Santana's good eye at the

plate). Although the Mariners won’t be playing at this pace for the rest of the season it seems that Santana’s arrival

has been a blessing in many ways. Luck can be a complicated concept. However, when you play so many games

and lose very few, you will find the thing that made the difference, the one that made the difference. Santana is

the Mariners' alleged solution. The veteran first baseman has been performing well since his arrival in Seattle