Sentinels After a long absence of the lucrative FPS game, the streaming sensation Michael "shroud" Grzesiek is returning to

competitive play following Sentinels confirmed that their former CS:GO professional will be joining the team's"VALORANT" roster. The

company announced the acquisition via an uncomplicated video posted via Twitter today. This announcement that did not

give any further details it was met with shock and shock by people in the VALORANT members, who had a number of asking if the deal

was true. Sources within the organization have confirmed the news to George Geddes and Dot Esports that the change is real and

shroud is expected to take the role of controller in the team's forthcoming game in the North American VCT Last Chance

Qualifier. At this point, it's unclear what player shroud will fill in for, however it's safe to say that TenZ and ShahZaM are both still

playing. On the stream, shroud confirmed that ShahZaM is the IGL. A source from Sentinels has told Geddes and Dot that shroud will

be competing for the VCT Champions assuming Sentinels make it beyond the LCQ. Shroud has also stated on the live stream

that an upcoming boot camp the team "is scheduled for the coming weeks." The signs point to shroud being able to fill in for SicK