Sister Wives star Janelle Brown explained the reasons why she didn't relocate to the RV during the summer 

months on Coyote Pass. "I haven't been in the motorhome this summer." Janelle, 53 replied to a comment

made by a fan in her Instagram Live video that she posted on Instagram on the 10th of July, on July 10. "Savanah

struggled when it came to the RV." It was her turn to be a trooper in the past however she stated"Mom, this year

I can't do it get it done,'" the TLC personality continued her post. "She's getting ready for high school and is in

her final year. We decided to keep itand it's in the repair shop at present and we'll only use it during the

weekend. Janelle's explanation comes three years after she teased her plans to move home to Coyote Pass

sharing a video on Instagram where she displayed the beautiful views of the family's polygamous plot of land.

We visited this property in order for a visit ... it's beginning to get everything ready for next summer's

festivities," she said alongside her son Garrison 23. "And I'm able to remember the way I love being here.