Smite Language used by humans is always changing. Some words that may have once been in vogue may now be

out of style, have acquired a new meaning, or suddenly resurface after being out of use for a while. The

following player to join Smite has been identified as Sir Lancelot. He will become a part of the Arthurian pantheon

alongside Morgan Le Fay, Merlin, and King Arthur. With Morgan Le Fay making her entrance on June 15, 2021

Sir Lancelot will be the last God to join the Arthurian pantheon in more than a year. The apparent allusion in Lancelot's

movie trailer will be understood by those who are familiar with the Arthurian Legend. In the narrative, Sir

Lancelot is Arthur's most able Knight, but he ultimately betrays the King because of his love for Guinevere

Arthur's wife. While being controlled by gnosis during the tournament, Merlin is probably witnessing a figurative

representation of this betrayal. But before all of that, Sir Lancelot is a highly honourable Knight. He appears to be

bringing that worthiness to the Gods' battlefield in the guise of an assassin. This means that you may anticipate