Splatoon OLED Model system will be on sale in retail stores, with design ideas from the brand-new Splatoon

3 game (sold separately). The squid-tastic, splashy images straight from Splatsville The Nintendo Switch - OLED

Model Splatoon 3 Special Edition will come with an assortment of one color gradient, one of which is yellow. Joy

Con controllers that have white underbellies, as well as graffiti-themed white Nintendo Switch dock. To see

the console in action, watch the video from Nintendo's Youtube channel. The Splatoon 3 game launches for

Nintendo Switch on Sept. 9 for the suggested retail cost of $59.99. Also available starting September. 9, is the Splatoon 3

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that features striking colors and stunning images suitable for both Octolings

and Inklings and retails at a suggested price of $74.99 and it comes with the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 3 Edition

Carrying Case with an estimated retail value of $24.99. No matter if you're participating in the online game Turf

War at home, or playing Story Mode on the go These accessories will make sure you're inking stylishly.