ST Louis Blues In their Stanley Cup duel three years ago, the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues battled head to

head. They, like the Blues, stayed relevant throughout the season. The Bruins, on the other hand are

facing a complete rebuild this summer, while the Blues are gearing up to continue their Cup pursuit.

The upheaval in Boston should make Blues fans appreciate how general manager Doug Armstrong has kept

his team on track. Actuarial science can explain half of the Bruins' predicament. Boston had a strong

veteran nucleus in recent years, but they grew old, much like the Chicago Blackhawks did following their

historic run. Zdeno Chara, a defenseman in his mid-40s, returned to the New York Islanders this season.

While playing in Europe, centre David Krejci eased into retirement. Tuukka Rask, the goaltender attempted

to return from surgery this season, but his body refused to comply. This season, Patrice Bergeron remained

an exceptional two-way centre, but he will turn 37 this summer, and playing 200-foot hockey can be taxing on the

body. Bergeron hasn't said what he'll do next season, but he's getting a whiff of retirement. Brad Marchand, a winger,