St Louis Cardinals There are always opportunities for injury. There have been many opportunities for the Cardinals

to make their major league debut in 2022. The next one could be the best. James Naile, a 29-year-old pitcher

was called up to the major leagues Monday. Jack Flaherty returned to the Injured list. Apart from the fact that he

spent seven years in minor leagues before getting the chance to finally get this opportunity, what makes Naile's

arrival so special is that he has been dreaming about this moment since he was little in southeast Missouri. It's been

a lifetime as a Cardinal fan. And it's even more special for me, my family, and our small community in southeast

Missouri. It's an exciting day," Naile. Naile is from Charleston, Missouri which is approximately 40 minutes south of

Cape Girardeau. He grew up rooting with some of the men he shares a locker area with. I don't believe I ever

picked up any bats and I didn't pretend to be Albert Pujols. I grew up with Chris Carpenter and Waino, Yadi and

Yadi. From '05, I had a picture on my wall of Waino & Yadi. It's  quite cool. It was a great experience to have met these guys