St Louis Cardinals made several roster changes today in preparation for their series opener against Miami.

The team announced that Jack Flaherty, right-handed pitcher, has been placed on the 15 day Injured List. Harrison

Bader, outfielder (right footplantar fasciitis), was placed on the 10-day Injury List. The team also announced that

Conner Capel, a rookie outfielder and right-handed pitcher, was selected from the Memphis (AAA). Naile

(pronounced Nayl) and Capel (pronounced Kay-pel) will be the Cardinals' 10th and 11th Major League debutants

this season. They are 2nd to Pittsburgh (12). Naile has a record of 3-2 in 27 games, three starts for Memphis, and a 3.28 ERA

over 46.2 innings. Naile, a native of Southeast Missouri, was drafted in the 20th round by the Oakland Athletics

out of the University of Alabama Birmingham. After seven seasons (2015)-21 in the Athletics farm program, he signed

as a minor-league free-agent with the Cardinals last November. The 6-foot-1, 190-pound Naile has had a good

month. He struck out 15 batters in 18.0 IP and only one walk, for a 0.82 WHIP in eight games (two starts).