St. Louis Cardinals The wonderful aspect of baseball is that there are so many things can happen during one game

that you'll see uncommon things happen often. It's the same as the old joke of, "Well, that's the first time a left-handed

batter from Ohio has hit a ground-rule double on a curveball in the seventh inning of a game in August." To the

St. Louis Cardinals, it's not necessary to be a genius to admire what they accomplished on Saturday. In the first innings of

their match against the Philadelphia Phillies, Nolan Arenado hit a two-run homer that brought Paul Goldschmidt.

A pretty impressive start, don't you think? It's only the 11th occasion it's happened in MLB history that teams have

scored four hits in consecutive games according to ESPN Stats & Information, and it's the only time it's happened

since the White Sox did it in 2020. Additionally this is the first time that a team has achieved this feat in the first

inning and it's the first time that the Cardinals have ever done it in a row. The most impressive part? It all happened

in two outs. It's been a good day for Cardinals supporters.

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