St Louis Cardinals The only thing that was required to get Sandy Alcantara to keep his Miami Marlins from being swept out of

St. Louis was outlasting both the Cardinals pitcher along with one of the best relievers in Major League Baseball. The 

Cardinals had a 3-2 advantage into the ninth which included Ryan Helsley there to secure the win again in a row in the span 

of days. The Marlins transformed a shaky walking into an exciting rally after Avisail Garcia hit his first homer of the 

season which was hit by Helsley. The lead was reverted to the Marlins and Alcantara could have had the chance to finish what 

he had started with a 4-3 win. The right-hander who was considered a top player for the Cardinals who 

pitched nine innings and, when the Cardinals tried to come back with a ninth-inning rally their own The ball 

and the game were still in his control. He coaxed his former teammates Edmundo Sosa, who had two hits in the game into 

a winning game-ending double play. He needed Alcantara (8-3) the 117th pitch to write the entire contest against his 

previous team. The Cardinals have been careful not to use Helsley in consecutive days in order to keep the right-hander in 

top form and the results confirm this. After a slow day on Wednesday and an incredibly tight match Wednesday the