St Louis Cardinals It would be absurd for the Washington Nationals not to offer Juan Soto all of their Triple-A and

Double-A teams in return for Juan Soto. It might be the right thing in some cases. Washington's "trade wrath,"

on any Soto deal, would be felt by the St. Louis Cardinals. It would be like a bomb exploded around their future. It is

not clear what exactly it would take for Soto to be acquired. It would require at least two top 100 prospects to

participate. It might be impossible to get everyone involved in a bidding war considering the possibilities. Even though

it would not complete the package, Soto must be acquired by the Cardinals. The Cardinals currently have the

number seven prospect in Major League Baseball. Jordan Walker is his third baseman. It is clear that the Nationals

would love to acquire him in any Soto deal. Walker is currently in Double-A, where he has a batting average

of.304/.392/.486 and 8 home runs in 329 plate games. Since his professional debut in 2021, Walker has

maintained a.311/.390/.519 average. It would be foolish for the Nationals to trade Soto to Cardinals in order to not

acquire a potential star third-baseman in the next year or two. He is quickly moving up and the 21st pick in 2020 may

not be able to call St. Louis his home once he makes it to the big leagues. The Washington