Supreme Court of the united states In a nation that is bitterly divided over how to combat gun violence, the U.S.

Supreme Court on Thursday issued a major decision in favour of gun rights advocates by stating for the first time

State's restrictions on carrying concealed firearms outside the home were overturned by the court's 6-3 decision

which saw conservative justices in the majority and liberal justices dissenting. The law, passed in 1913

was ruled to violate the Second Amendment's guarantee of the freedom to "keep and bear weapons" by the

court. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the decision, which stated that "an individual's right to carry a pistol for

self-defense outside the home" is protected by the Constitution. We are aware of no other fundamental right

that a person can enjoy only after proving to government officials that they have a specific need, Thomas continued.

Because it "prevents law-abiding persons with common self-defense needs from exercising their right to keep

and bear guns," Thomas continued, the New York ban is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court reversed a decision