Tanya Tucker The life and music of Tanya Tucker will be hitting the big screen this fall when the film

The Return Of Tanya Tucker. A trailblazing, unforgettable, and harrowing famous country musician Tanya Tucker

defied the standards of how women in the world of country music was expected to act. After a decade

Tanya was ostracized from the limelight and became a the rising Americana music superstar Brandi Carlile

has taken it upon herself to compose an entire album in honor of her idol based on Tanya's extraordinary life.

The result is the biggest revival in the history of country music. The Return of Tanya Tucker follows Tanya's

richly inventive, completely engaging, and exciting return to the top of the mountain as Brandi inspires

her to go past her limitations to make a fresh sound and gain a brand new audience. It is the writing

process, experimentation and refining of this new song blends with everything that has come before with