Ted Cruz, a Texas senator, criticized the Supreme Court's 2015 landmark Obergefell-v. Hodges decision,

calling it "clearly wrong" as well as accusing the court of "overreaching." Ted Cruz's remarks come only weeks

after Dobbs in Jackson Women's Health, the Supreme Court's ruling that invalidated the constitutional right to

abortion as guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. Justice Clarence Thomas, the most senior conservative justice on the high

court, concurred in that ruling and said that the court should "reconsider" previous rulings, including Obergefell.

Obergefell, just like Roe V. Wade, ignored two hundred years of our nation’s history," Cruz stated in a Saturday

clip from his podcast, which he posted to his YouTube channel. "Marriage was never an issue that was left to states.

He continued, "We saw states prior to Obergefell. Some states were moving towards gay marriage, while

other states were moving toward civil partnerships." "The standards adopted by the states were varied.

Cruz said that even if the Obergefell ruling had not been made, the Democratic process would have continued.

If you believe gay marriage is a good idea, then the Constitution allows you to convince your fellow citizens.