Tesla Model Y As we've reported in recent times there's a huge need in EVs is so huge that prices for used cars have

risen dramatically. But, it's the reason why people are purchasing used electric vehicles. It's no surprise that the

Tesla Model Y topped the list of the most popular used vehicles in June 2022, with an average price of more

than $70,000. We just reported that a few Tesla owners as well as owners of other exciting EVs have been selling

their vehicles on the used market to make an income. It's after they've been driving them for a while and accrued miles.

While newer cars are difficult to find currently and the vast majority of used vehicles are being sold at outrageous

prices The situation is more apparent in the case of electric and hybrid vehicles. The interest of consumers in this

type of "future" cars was already increasing prior to the rise in gas prices, and it's now apparent that everyone wants a

low-fuel car even though the most athletic and most efficient models seem to be more popular with the general

public. According to a report from iSeeCars and shared with Teslarati around 52 days for the typical used car to go

on sale during June of 2022. The Tesla Model Y sold in the average of around 25 days closely to that of the Toyota Prius Prime.