Texas state police announced an internal investigation into the conduct of dozens of troopers who were at Robb

Elementary during the 73 minutes of law enforcement's baffling silence as a gunman murdered 19 students and

two teachers on Monday, two months after the Uvalde school shooting. The revelation seemed to increase the negative

effects of a damning 80-page report issued over the weekend by the Texas House that exposed shortcomings at

all levels of law enforcement and named 91 state troopers as being on the scene, more than all Uvalde officers put

together. Additionally, it amounted to a public reversal by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which up until

this point had mostly chastised local officials for their failure to apprehend the shooter sooner. In the report released

on Sunday, it was revealed for the first time how heavily the U.S. Border Patrol and state police were present at

the scene of one of the worst school shootings in American history. "91 troops are already on the scene. You have

access to every piece of equipment imaginable, yet you choose to listen to the neighbourhood school

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officer? State Senator Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat whose district includes Uvalde, claimed that DPS was attempting to downplay