The Bachelorette franchise is famous for its claim that each season promises to be one of the most shocking

and dramatic yet, this Season of The Bachelorette is already proving to be highly polarizing. Exclusive interview

conducted by ET, Bachelorette stars Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia discuss all things being in the limelight

making love and getting through the reality television world. I think this season is going to be completely different

from any other show that's ever been seen," Rachel teased. "There is two of us however there are two distinct journeys

to follow as are... So, how it plays out you'll need to tune in and watch. However, I'm very looking forward to everyone

getting to know how it goes!" she said. Although much information about how the show will be played out remains a

mystery, Rachel and Gabby assured that watching the show with a partner was beneficial to the two of them... And they

think viewers will agree with them! Rachel stated, "This is just so different from anything else we've seen before, and

not only will they witness two love stories, they will also be able to experience our friendship and I'm looking forward for