The Godfather James Caan was a curly-haired, tough man who is best known for his role as Sonny Corleone in

"The Godfather" and as the dying football player in "Brian's Song." He also served as the boss of the casino in "Las

Vegas," and movie fans have been able to remember him as "The Godfather." He was 82. Matt DelPiano, his

manager, said that he had died Wednesday. There was no cause of death. Jimmy was an icon. DelPiano stated that

Jimmy was not only one of the greatest actors our company had ever seen, but he was also funny, loyal and

caring. "Our relationship was always one of friendship over business. He will be missed and I am proud to have had the

privilege of working with him over all these years. Caan, a Michigan State University football player and a

practical joker in production sets, was a handsome, grinning performer with an athletic swagger. Despite drug

addiction, temper tantrums and minor incidents with the law, he managed to have a long career. Caan was a

favourite of Francis Ford Coppola from the 1960s when Coppola cast him as the lead in "Rain People." In "The Godfather,