Tim Allen - Tom Hanks isn't able to compete with Tim Allen at the box-office and he feels about it. In an interview

with CinemaBlend that was posted to the publication's Instagram, Hanks was asked about his new film "Elvis", which is

in theaters at the same time as "Lightyear." Hanks replied, "How about that?" "I wanted to go head-tohead with Tim

Allen, but they wouldn't let Tim Allen do that." That's what I don’t get. Lightyear" is a prequel of "Toy Story" and is

focused on Buzz Lightyear, the main persona of Buzz Lightyear, which Allen was the voice of for"Toy Story." Allen

voiced the character in "Toy Story" franchise. Hanks was the voice of Woody in the films. However, to voice the

character of Woody in "Lightyear," Pixar decided to choose Chris Evans as the voice of the main character instead of

Allen. Allen has recently stated on "Extra" it's worked to avoid the controversy over him being a no-show in the

film's prequel. The prequel is a completely different type of film without Hanks his character Allen told "Extra. There's

nothing like toy story's Buzz sans Woody," Allen said. Tom Hanks does not understand the reason Disney decided.