Toyota BZ4X has recalled its first widely available electric vehicle and one of its full-sized pickup trucks due to

issues where nuts or bolts could fall free and wheels or axles could separate. Toyota advised BZ4X electric SUV

owners not to drive their vehicles because the wheels could come off. All 260 or so BZ4X SUVs that have so far

been delivered to customers are included in the warning and recall that Toyota Motor Sales USA announced

on Thursday. The SUVs were only recently made available for purchase in the United States. Toyota's notice advises

BZ4X owners to stop operating their vehicles right away. After even a relatively modest number of kilometres

on the road, the bolts holding the wheels in place may become loose, causing the wheels to come off.

Toyota is still looking into the circumstances and reasons why this might occur. The company claimed

that Toyota doesn't yet know how to resolve the problem. Toyota dealers will pick up customers' BZ4Xs and bring

them to the dealership while also offering free loaner cars until a fix is found, according to Toyota. The two Japanese automakers