Toyota Tacoma The unofficial renderings that we showed earlier today gave a nice picture of the future Toyota

Tacoma when it arrives in 2024. This is all important. However, the next-generation truck will have more to it than just a

new design. A new platform will be used for the pickup. Toyota will build the next generation Tacoma using its new

TNGAF body-on frame architecture. It will also be used to support the next-generation 4Runner and new Hilux.

Toyota uses it already to support the new Tundra. This brings us back to our new Tacoma, which doesn't have its

own body panels. Our spy photographers claim that the Tacoma it captured in Ann Arbor, Michigan is

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sporting a modified Tundra body. New photos reveal that the truck is wearing less camouflage than previously shown.

The Tundra grille, mirrors and double-cab configuration are all visible in the new photos. The Tacoma's

wheelbase will be shorter than that of the Tundra. It could even be a foot shorter. Although the spy photos don't

show the interior, there's enough evidence to suggest that Toyota is trying to conceal it. The truck's interior

was captured in a spy video that was released late last month. It could be getting a larger infotainment display. The

Tundra's cabin design should also be used. Toyota is expected to keep the truck's current powertrain line-up and

add a hybrid. The 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine and the 3.5-liter V6 will continue to be available for many more

years. The electric truck concept Toyota unveiled last year will likely be made into a production model, joining