Tyler Smith Tulsa When the Dallas Cowboys allow Connor Williams walk in loose agency, they didn’t genuinely desire to find out

his replacement withinside the draft, but they hoped to find out his upgrade. After a decrease lower back-to-decrease

lower back strong seasons from Williams in ‘19 and ‘20, Williams located up a stinker of a season in 2021.

Tallying a league-primary amount of penalties, the Dallas Cowboys even benched their former 2nd round pick

out for a time body last season. If it hadn’t been for the terrible play in his stead, he might not have been given his

hobby decrease lower back. Alas, his replacement did in reality struggle, and Williams reclaimed the start

LG spot as quickly as again. But the writing have become on the wall. Williams have become as appropriate as gone

Tyler Smith is a tantalizing prospect who oozes potential. And as we stated this morning, he’s moreover a completely

unique brand of nasty who improvements the overall sturdiness of the unit. What he isn’t is neat and tidy.

What he isn’t is polished. What he isn’t is plug-and-play. Make no mistake – Tyler Smith will start this season.