Ubisoft Two of the entries on the games list Ubisoft has decided to end online support for Assassin's 

Creed Liberation HD(opens in a new tab) and Silent Hunter 5(opens in a new tab)--look as if they'll be made unplayable

completely by the decision, which contradicts Ubisoft's original statement about features of each game will

be removed. The week before, Ubisoft announced that it will be closing down online support(opens

in a new tab) for a variety of games that were released in 2009 through 2019. This includes 11 on PC and

a listing of the features that this decision will remove. The games will have to be disconnected from multiplayer

and account linking as well as stopping players from being able to play DLC. One game that are listed which

is the 2019 multiplayer-only VR shooter Space Junkies, was said to be made inaccessible through the move.

Following this announcement was made, Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD and Silent Hunter 5 have been

removed from sale "at the request of the publisher" and they have also received a notice that appears on