UFC In the lead-up to an event at UFC 276 main fight, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya created

quite a stir by making an appearance that was that was influenced from WWE famous wrestler The Undertaker. The

subsequent performance was not as exciting as Adesanya carefully achieved an unanimity decision victory against

Jared Cannonier. Adesanya's plan of attack was the jab while feinting, launching leg kicks. It wasn't beautiful and

made the crowd angry but it worked well in knocking out a formidable striker named Cannonier. Cannonier tried to adjust

his fight in mid-fight to move from his clinch to the cage. For the opponent who was able to secure a

clinch it was often difficult for him to perform much offensively, other than striking Adesanya's legs with knees.

The fight was devoid of large action scenes but instead showed Adesanya's technical prowess and his skills to

defeat the brute force tactics of Cannonier. A lot of times Cannonier was left to take counter strikes after Adesanya

already struck one or two strikes and had moved away from striking range.Cannonier was also able to land a