Volvo Cars said on Friday that it will quit its membership in the European Automobile Manufacturers Association

(ACEA) at the end of 2022. The company cited different strategies for zero emissions and the European car

lobby. The Swedish automaker has pledged to a completely electric car capacity by the year 2030. This is

far in advance of Europe's plans for a complete ban on vehicles powered by fossil fuels as of 2035. Volvo is a vocal

advocate of moving faster towards zero emissions vehicles, however after the EU Parliament approved in June of

the deadline for 2035, the ACEA declared that "any future regulation that goes beyond the decade of 2035 is

premature in this early stage." In a statement, Volvo stated that "we believe we have concluded that Volvo Cars

sustainability strategy and plans aren't in line with the ACEA's position and method of working at this point." "We think

it's best to follow an alternative path at present," the carmaker added. "What we take as a business will play an

important role in determining if the world stands a good chance of stopping the effects of climate change.