Warriors Parade The Golden State Warriors will hold a championship parade on Monday to commemorate their

drive to the NBA title in 2022. Warriors members will walk through the streets of San Francisco with the Larry O'Brien

trophy for the first time since moving from Oakland after defeating the Boston Celtics in six games. Klay Thompson

kicked off the festivities in his usual style before the parade had started. To get to the parade, the now four-time

NBA champion donned his captain's hat and sailed across the Bay. Thompson kept followers amused by going live

on Instagram while sailing his yacht. Thompson's new championship hat went away in the Bay Area breeze

when he was on his boat. On Twitter, @TheHoopCentral Klay Thompson one again demonstrated why he is the NBA's

most mercurial player by livestreaming his boat voyage across San Francisco Bay to the Warriors parade — and promptly

losing his cap. Thompson, an ardent boater who has spoken frequently about his affection for the bay, commutes to

the Chase Center on a daily basis in his Axopar 37 Cabin boat. He chose to go early this morning to get to the Warriors parade