The Wendy Williams Show's 13-year run on television came to an end last week without an appearance from its complicated controversial

Wendy Williams

and at times perplexing star. Wendy Williams, who has been absent from the show since 2021 due to a COVID-19 infection in

September of that year and a slew of other health and personal issues, did not host the finale episode, which was instead hosted

by Sherri Shepherd, one of several guest hosts the show has used to fill in over the past season. The episode was instead loaded

with honours to Williams, according to Deadline, including a montage  commemorating her time on the show. As a tribute to Williams

the show's social media account posted a photo of her empty chair, and Shepherd—who will be taking over the series' time slot

production, and staff for a "new" series, Sherri—led the show's crew in a  recitation of Williams' line, "How you doin'?" to bring

the show's run to a close. Williams has previously spoken openly about her health issues, particularly since a 2018 incident

in which she passed out while taping the show. (She's acknowledged that she suffers from hyperthyroidism, among other things.

Williams has been in a legal battle with Wells Fargo for the past few  weeks, with the bank successfully petitioning a judge to place