Apple Pie A slice of apple pie can have between 300-400 calories, up to 20g of fat, and up 20g of sugar. The crust

is the real villain. All varieties are not created equal. Some varieties are more adept at making pie than others.

Marts loves the Granny Smith, and for good reason. However, Marts also likes Braeburn and Honey Crisp, which

both produce balanced sweet-tart profiles. They release very little liquid while baking and retain their shape.

Marts warns against Gala (they loose their shape); Fuji, (they release too many liquid); and Red Delicious (which

are too mild and degrade too quickly). It's not even question, Marts says. Always peel. The best apple pies have a

wonderful filling made from the combination of spices and fruit. You can leave the peels on but they will eventually

fall apart and become stringy, shriveled or some other unpleasant combination. Marts states that cinnamon is a must.

For balanced flavor, nutmeg or lemon juice can also be used. Marts recommends using 1/4 teaspoon more

cinnamon than nutmeg. You can also add cardamom and clove to the mix. Use them sparingly. Marts states,