There are a few letters that appear in common starting words like "crane" in Wordle Today Answer Puzzle 359

but it has a few peculiarities that are likely to keep a lot of people guessing. In Wordle, you only get six chances to

guess every piece of the goal five-letter word, with any accurate letters turning green or orange. Green

letters are the greatest because they are already in the perfect position; nevertheless, orange letters must be

reshuffled into the correct position. We've thought of some clues and included a handful of hints across the page

as well as a list of previous words that have already appeared in Wordle recently, to aid you in your quest

for the solution.  Wouldn't it be amazing if you could borrow a guess from a friend or family member when you're

out of guesses in Wordle? Some may consider it unethical, but you should consider it a gift. All of these terms

have been used in a Wordle puzzle in the recent few weeks. It's better to avoid them because they won't come up

again, but you may utilise a couple for inspiration if you're stuck. Anyway, on to today's Wordle answer's hints