Wordle It must be time for the June 22 (368) Wordle answer since it is Wednesday. I made the same mediocre

guess twice since I was a little forgetful today. Even though I wasn't sure you could, I guess I had to learn the

hard way that you can. Take my unfortunate experience as a warning and don't waste your time as I 

did! Maybe you came here instead to look at our Wordle archive(opens in new tab)? Whatever brought you in today,

I'm sure I can help. I can offer you a hint, the solution, and if you don't know how to use Wordle, I can swiftly and easily get

you up to speed. Today's word is frequently used to describe something that is truly awful, whether it be a TV 

show a joke, a smell, etc. It may also be used for "extremely" in sentences. There are currently only three consonants, 

and they are not particularly common. Millions of people now complete it everyday and it has influenced other daily 

puzzles like the math-based Nerdle and the world-trotting guessing game Worldle. Simple Wordle rules call for 

six guesses and one five-letter word per day. Players are informed when they have properly predicted a word's